Road Trip: Foghat live at the Linn County Fair

The Linn County Fair here in the Willamette Valley gets a visit from us about once every three years. We hadn't planned on going to the fair this year, but when we saw who was going to be there, we couldn't pass up the opportunity. 

The entrance to the fair was made out to be an old western set with a saloon and store. 

The Bean has always loved Foghat ever since we let him watch the movie, "Dazed and Confused" when he was five. We saw Foghat live during River Rhythms in Albany, Oregon back in 2013 and The Bean was able to get his FOG hat then and it is actually signed by the original bass player Craig MacGregor, so it means a lot to him.

We got out tickets early because we wanted to be in seats close to the stage. We were in row four and right by a big speaker. It was loud great!

The Bean was all set for the concert and having been there early we were able to get in our seats before others started pilling in. He also got a taste of what it's like to be under the hot stage lights.

Before the concert we chummed around the fair grounds for a bit and picked up some food for dinner.

Charlie Huhn came out with the rest of the band and started things off by picking away on his electric guitar.

Charlie Huhn and Bryan Bassett

Rodney O'Quinn stood in for Craig MacGregor. Exceptionally talented guitarist.

View this photo on Instagram.

Roger Earl's drum solo.

Roger Earl getting respect from Bryan Bassett.

Charlie Huhn rocking it to "Slow Ride."

Foghat put on a great show at the fair and we were so pleased to see that they really cared about the audience. 

Such a great group of guys!

The front of this photo can be seen here on their Facebook page.

The Bean showed Roger Earl his FOG hat from the last time he saw them in concert. Sir Earl thought it was fantastic!

The Bean had a great time and we are so pleased that our son loves the 70s as much as we do! (View this picture on Instagram)

Some live shots of the Foghat concert:

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What happened this time last year?

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