Road Trip: Trail hike near the South Santiam River

With the warmer weather here in the Valley we decided to get out and about and take advantage of it. The dogs really like going to the river and dipping their paws in and we like to take a small hike near the river on a well travel path. The trail leads right to the edge of the South Santiam River and it's always a fun spot to see a full view of the Willamette Valley.

We all couldn't believe that PITA jumped into the water like he did. He doesn't normally dive off the edge into the water, but he does like to chase things. We are thinking the little fish swimming around the bank was too tempting to resist. The water wasn't too cold, but I think once he was in it he decided it wasn't a good idea and came promptly back to us. 

The wildflowers were on full display.

Baz loves to walk with us, but he prefers going without a leash so he feels free. He turns 16 this year, but he is full of life still and we take him whenever we can. PITA has sort of become his "service dog" in a way. Baz can't see or hear well, but PITA helps him a lot more than he realizes. 

The train trestle that reaches across the Santiam River near Gill's Landing.

Pigeons roosting on the trestles.

Pigeon egg under the bridge.

Such a great area to hike around and enjoy the area. If you're a geocacher, there's a few geocaches hidden in the area, too. 

You can read about this area here and here.

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