Road Trip: Roaring River Fish Hatchery

Here at the fish hatchery you can actually feed the rainbow trout that are bred here.

The larger holding tanks contained rainbow trout that where in between small and and the largest.

I was amazing how many rainbow trout came up the sides when we threw the food into the water.

The smaller rainbow trout didn't fight as hard for the food and in some cases the food was too big for their little mouths.

Beautiful watching them swim around. The pink on their sides glowed in the sunshine.

The spawning tanks.

There was another tank for just steelhead, but at the time we were there the tank was empty. We were looking forward to seeing some of the steelhead, but they were all released in the Santiam River.

The Roaring River Fish Hatchery is near the Roaring River Park.

The park is located on donated land and the it was beautiful the day we visited. We ate a small picnic lunch and headed out to explore the area.

As we were hiking we came across the bridge that spans over Crabtree Creek.

On the way back from Roaring River we drove over Larwood Bridge. Originally built in the late 1800s, parts of the bridge were redone in 1939 to fit with today's highway standards for Oregon.

Oddly enough, the Roaring River is the only river that dumps into a creek, which is the Crabtree Creek.

It's a popular swimming area still today as it were in the 1800s.

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