Road Trip: Arkansas (Crater of Diamonds and Birthplace of William Jefferson Clinton)

May 12-We visited the Crater of Diamonds State Park and the birthplace home of former President William Jefferson while in Arkansas on our visit. My sister had her third grade class out at the diamond pit and we were able to spend some time with her while we were there. We didn't find any diamonds, but we did get a lot of great stones to take back to Oregon. The Bean found himself a large agate, too. We had a great time spending the day with my brother while everyone else was at work. He took us to see a lot of great places and we couldn't have asked for better weather to get out and about.

We ended up gathering up some much-needed supplies to do some heavy duty digging in the diamond crater.

The original mine still sits on the property.

We broke apart rocks and stones hunting for even a small piece of a diamond...

The signs of past finds are around the crater area pushing you along to keep looking.

Still looking...

Still looking...

We ended up finding a lot of great stones, agates, and some lamproite, but no diamonds.

The Bean found a big agate and was pretty stoked about it.

We cleaned off our shoes and decided to call it a day.

Our finds were interesting and we brought them back to Oregon with us. We ended up digging up Jasper (smooth stones), Sandstone (gritty stones), Volcanic Tuft (green stones), Lamporite (black speckled stones), Jasper infused with iron (conglomerate stones). Special thanks to Tera Teague for helping us sort out what stones we found.

The Crater of Diamonds State Park is a fun spot to spend the day. It's located in Murfreesboro, Arkansas, and offers a great experience in the way mining was done in Arkansas.

After the Crater of Diamonds we headed to the birthplace of former President William Jefferson Clinton in Hope, Arkansas.

We loved visiting the birthplace of Bill Clinton because we finally got to stamp off one of our National Park visits in our passport book.

Great visit to the Crater of Diamonds and to Hope, Arkansas, to see the birthplace of Bill Clinton. Arkansas has a lot to offer and these two places are definitely worth the visit.

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What happened this time last year?

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