Road Trip: Arkansas (Arkansas Railroad Museum and Flight Home)

May 13-On our last day in Arkansas we took a tour of the Arkansas Railroad Museum in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The Bean and The Mr. were in train heaven and The Mr. found a lot of fire engines that had him swooning over the place. The lady that gave us the tour, Miss Elizabeth, was super nice to us and allowed The Bean to take his time looking at every piece of train equipment, all of the engines, and she even gave him a lot of railroad memorabilia. She really made our tour of the place a lot more special for a bunch of train lovers like The Bean and The Mr.

The entire museum is wall-to-wall trains. 

The Mr. and The Bean were in train-loving-heaven.

819 SSW St. Louis Southwestern Cotton Belt in the process of being restored.

Rail Speeder

Miss Elizabeth and The Bean.

Luggage case that I absolutely loved and a red caboose.

Inside the red caboose.

Train station bench.

Train car dishes from the dinning car days from the 1950s.

These windows on the museum are great! 

The Bean and The Mr. loved the Arkansas Train Museum and we all had a great time visiting and learning about the history of the trains that were housed inside. Miss Elizabeth was great in telling stories from the days when these trains were in their prime. Check out The Mr. and The Bean's train blog here.

May 14-On Saturday we woke up and headed into Hot Springs to do some last minute shopping and prepare for our flight out of Little Rock. We stopped by a girlfriend's shop, The Lofthouse, to pick up a duck phone I had purchased from her online shop a few months before. The Lofthouse is a fun shop that carries handmade, vintage, and original art pieces. It's located right in the heart of the Lake Hamilton area and is definitely worth a visit.

Isn't it great! It quacks when someone calls!

On our flight home I got to try out the Carry On Cocktail Kit from Birchbox. While I was enjoying my Carry On Cocktail Kit The Old Fashioned The Mr. had him some Fat Tire. Leaving Arkansas is always a sad thing for us, but with these drinks it made the flight home less of a bummer.

The Bean and The Mr. crashed out hard after we boarded our flight from Vegas to Portland. 

Clouds are always so interesting from an airplane. We've seen so many different cloud formations from our flights to different places. This one was a first for us though. Not sure what this cloud formation is called, but it definitely caught our attention.

Passing over the Painted hills.

We got another great view of the Vegas strip on the way home, too.

We had a great Arkansas visit this trip and we covered a lot of ground. We were sad to leave, but know that we will see everyone again real soon. Plus, coming to Oregon and chumming around with us here on the Pacific Coast is on the books next. Can't wait!

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