A walk along the South Santiam River

We always enjoy exploring our own town and the many reaches we can go to just by leaving our front step and taking a walk. The South Santiam River runs through the town and it has a vast exploration that needs to be conquered by us.  We have a rather large bucket list of things we still would like to do and most of those adventures take place within 30 miles of the house we live in. If there's a chance we can get to it either by foot, or by bike, we'll go. 

It was a beautiful day to go check out the south end of the South Santiam River. The dogs always are eager to go walk or ride with us when we bicycle, but today just screamed, "take it on foot!" 

The Bean always loves to see "what will float."

A great hike along the South Santiam River and spending time with the boys, it was a good day.

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