Five simple things

Hey guys! A lot has happened this week, nothing really worth talking about-yet, but soon. We have been busy going through more things and donating, donating, and donating on our mission to live more simply. We are following the tips at Reading my Tea Leaves, so if you get a chance, check out Erin's new book, too. It's great! So here are the things that made this week great, or at least worth passing onto you.

1.  This Quote

Isn't that the truth!

2.  This Sign

I always found it strange that people had a perfectly clean home when you visit on an off day. Like nothing out of place even if you show up unexpectedly. Just something unnatural about that.

3.  This Minimal Tip

It really is. Check out my Minimal Living Pin Board and check out Joshua Becker's posts on helping you see what's really important-hint, it's not stuff.

4.  This Blog

Have you checked out my Dooms Day Prep blog? It's worth taking a look if you're into prepping for disasters, or other emergency situations. -Even if Zombies are your thing- Ha!

5.  Happy Everything to you!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to love each other unconditionally. Life is precious. If you've done someone wrong, take the time out of your life to try to make it right. Hate is a horrible thing to hold onto in your heart

  1. Have you joined Generation Good?
  2. Strawberry Lemonade concentrate the right way.
  3. Worst mass shooting in American history.
  4. Did your state's Senator vote for stricter gun laws?
  5. What a cute craft.
  6. Another cool cookbook to add to my collection. Outlander fan?
  7. Always look for the helpers.
  8. Shady Grove, Andy Griffith.
  9. Still on a hunt for a new fridge. I think we've settled on one...
  10. Take better photos.

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