Five simple things

Wow! What a great end to a week! Yesterday (Saturday) was the start of the Strawberry Festival here in the Willamette Valley, also home of the World's Strawberry Shortcake. There's a fair, a parade, and strawberries everywhere! It's a great, small town event and people that live here go nuts over it. It's great! This week, The Mr. and I got a lot of things done that we've been putting off. We put up The Bean's pool, planted some flowers and other plants in the garden and flowerbed, and even took some time to visit the Roaring River Fish Hatchery (pictures soon). We had a great week and we do hope yours was just as great. Here are the things that made my week awesome!

1. This Fortune Teller

Zoltar is always a hit for us. You put in 50 cents and he gives you a generic fortune. It's such a fun thing for us to do anytime we see him. Once, my brother put in money and the fortune read, "Zoltar sees you giving me more money in your future." Ha!

2. These Plants

The Mr. and I went on a hunt for some new plants for our ever-expanding flower beds. We were considering a few small trees, but we are still considering what is best. 

3. This Ballot

Oregon has mail in ballots. They come to your home and you have the privacy of your own home to vote. We are Green Party in our home and we get to see who is running in the Nonpartisan Primary only. 

4. This Find

The Bean always finds the buggiest bugs. He found this caterpillar while we were mowing on Friday and went on a mission to find out exactly what kind it was. It's a Cloudless Sulphur caterpillar.

5.  This Library Book

A book we found at the local library here on the history of Lebanon, Oregon-"It used to be.... but now...." (An Oral History of Lebanon, Oregon). It had a lot of interesting facts about the area and one chapter is on the fire department/fire district here in the city. As we were looking through the pages we came across and interview with The Mr.'s uncle Dan Wilkerson, who has since passed. He gave some great information for the old fire station that used to be located in downtown Lebanon, Oregon. Finding this interview made The Mr. happy to know that he is still part of a fire fighting legacy handed down in his family over the years.

  1. Apps for identifying plants.
  2. This. I ordered one thanks to Frolic's suggestion.
  3. Glass bottle mister.
  4. Indoor vines.
  5. What is phenoxyethanol.
  6. Bee Skep. And in the garden.
  7. Homemade bubbles and bubble wand.
  8. Silver Creek Falls.
  9. Geocaching again!
  10. Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda.

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