The Bean's new P.F. Flyers

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The Bean has been all about baseball lately and with that comes an obsession with the movie, "The Sandlot." You know, the whole movie about the kids that play ball on a dirt field in the back of a lot behind an old man's house? The ball goes over the fence and the kids lose it to a big dog named Hercules. Yeah, that movie. Well, The Bean has had that movie on repeat since the end of March and he loves the scene where the kid puts on some P.F. Flyers to outrun the big dog in order to get their ball back.


The Bean got his P.F. Flyers and fell in love with them straight out of the box.

He couldn't wait to put them on and run around the block.

After all, they are "guaranteed to make a kid run faster and jump higher."

"You're killin' me 'Smalls'!"

See more photos of The Bean with his P.F. Flyers here and snag your own pair by clicking the image below.

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