Road Trip: Arkansas (Birthday Surprise)

May 7-In May we loaded up and took off to Arkansas for a surprise birthday celebration for my sister's fortieth. We also planned to stay until May 12 in order to be in Arkansas for Mother's Day. The best part of the trip was that fact that my sister had no idea we were headed their way. 

We had an early flight, but the best part of being up that early was being able to see the sun rise.

We also had a great view of Mount Hood. I bet the sunrise looked amazing from the hot air balloon.

Our layover took us to Las Vegas and when we took off the view was pretty groovy.

The day was beautiful and we got a great view of the Grand Canyon.

Since we flew in on May 7 once we landed we headed straight for the restaurant where my parents had taken my sister. She assumed it was going to be a small get together of just some friends and my parents, but we came strolling in and she was pretty shocked.

The food was delicious and my sister really enjoyed that we flew down for it all.

We all had to try out the saddles at the restaurant.

It was a lot of fun surprising my sister for her birthday and we all had a great time at Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

...Just a side note: The following night we tied the large bundle of balloons onto my sister's mailbox in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, a storm came through in the morning and the wind and rain popped all of the balloons before she could see them all. :( (It was a good prank otherwise.)

The storm that came through produced a lot of lightning, too. The Mr. loved it! He would be a tornado chaser if he could. He loves the weather!

More soon!

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