Road Trip: Arkansas (Out and about in Little Rock)

May 9-We headed to Little Rock, Arkansas. We toured the city a little and then met up with my sister-in-law to eat lunch at the famous Cotham's in the City. Cotham's is famous for the "Hubcap Burger" that was shown on Man v. Food.

Elizabeth Eckford (1942-  )

Ernest Green (1941-  )

Gloria Ray Karlmark (1942-  )

Jefferson Thomas (1942–2010 Columbus, Ohio )

Lots of great things to see in Little Rock, Arkansas, right at the State Capitol. I loved seeing the Little Rock Nine standing facing the Capitol. It spoke volumes for the impact those people had at the time and continue to have. Change is sometimes a great thing.

After touring the State Capital site we headed over to Cotham's in the City.

The inside of the restaurant was covered in political signs from past runners and even current runners for senate, mayor, president, and even local law enforcement. It was really a neat theme. The Mr. and I aren't much on politics, but we loved reading some of the political signs from the 50s and 60s.

Mississippi Mud Cake.

My sister-in-law works close to the capital and was able to take lunch with us. We all knocked back some delicious food.

If you're in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, check out Cotham's in the City. There's another location called Cotham's Mercantile. Both carry the same food and you won't leave hungry.

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