Road Trip: Arkansas (Mother's Day and Vista Trail)

May 8-We all met up at my mom's new cafe (Crystal Springs Mercantile & Cafe) for Mother's Day and went for a hike on Vista Trail near the cafe. This was the first time that we have eaten at the cafe since she opened. The food is amazing and my mom's chicken and dumplings (Shelly's Dumplings) are soon to be added to the menu. The Bean loved sitting outside in the front where the bistro seating is and he knocked back a lot of pie!

The inside of the cafe is decorated in a theme that I like to call "rustic comfort." I fell in love with the mismatched chairs and tables and my uncle did the window work with the wood. It looks so homey inside.


This was the first Mother's Day I have been with my mom in 13 years since moving to Oregon. We had such a great time and everyone enjoyed this visit a lot. Springs visits back home are always hard to work in, but I am so glad we were able to make it happen this year.

The hike we took on Vista Trail was a lot of fun. Everyone, but my mom, went on the hike and the cackling and laughter could probably be heard for miles. I've always said, "My family is most definitely louder than yours." Ha!

Do you see the snake? It's a Yellow-Bellied Water Snake and it isn't poisonous, but we kept our distance so it didn't get defensive.

My niece, Natalie, loved to point to her favorite birds as we were walking. She likes the Robin and the Mallard Ducks the best. 

She also found some turtle eggs along the path.

The Bean found some slate that was caked in mug and we packed it up and brought it back to Oregon with us.

My brother, Will, and The Mr. had to taking a short break. The decking on this trail is incredible!

The boardwalk trail took you right up into the Ouachita mountain side.

We had a great time hiking Vista Trail and it's definitely a spot worth checking out. If you're in, or around the Crystal Springs area of Arkansas, give these two spots a go. [Vista Trail and Crystal Springs Mercantile & Cafe] If you're an avid mountain biker, this area of the Ouachitas is one to mark on your map.

More soon!

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