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This week we have been clearing out more clutter and going through tons, literally tons of digital photos. So many to share soon, so keep checking back to the blog over the next few days. Speaking of clutter, though, it's amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in living in the same house for 10 years. It's shameful that we spend money on things we really don't need. The Mr. and me have completely shifted our thoughts on what comes into our life now. It's a liberating experience and I actually find a sense of delight when I drop off a carload of "stuff" to the donation center. I can't wait to get it all done and sit back and just relax. So here are the things that made this week awesome!

......Before that, I want to mention a new place here in our town. It's called Conversion Brewing, otherwise known as Pinhook Public House. They offer a tasting paddle of their local brewed beers and rootbeer. The have some of the best tasting microbrews The Mr. and I have tasted. We fell in love with their wheat ale and their red ale. And their pizza was brick oven cooked and was amazing! If you're passing through the Willamette Valley, check them out!

1. This Payphone 

This payphone was in front of a train station in Salem. The train station itself is historic, but I couldn't help but notice the payphone's stand and just be happy to still see a payphone around. I wish payphones were still around a lot more and people would stop relying so much on cellular phones. 

2.  These Chips

These are delicious and a new favorite here in our house. I received a sample in my Yogi Surprise box a few months back and have loved then since. We have tried the other flavors and they are all great! Our favorite is the Lentil in white cheddar and the Quinoa in BBQ

3.  This Abandoned Hotel

This hotel is along the Rogue River and I just love it. It's a real shame that someone didn't keep up the maintenance on it and keep it going, even if it was just for a residence. The history of the hotel dates back to the early 1900s. It was once dubbed as a prime vacation spot for visitors coming to southern Oregon. It's also said to be "haunted," if you believe in that stuff....

What it used to look like in its heyday. (Source)

4.  This View
We drove to the California border a few weeks back. This exact spot gives a great view of Mount Shasta.

5.  This Moon

We moved our living room to the back of the house and in the evenings it gives a great view of the moon.

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Have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

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