Friday things

We are back from Arkansas and are really excited to show the photos from our trip. We didn't get home until close to 1:00 a.m. and we didn't even unpack until Sunday morning. I slept most of Sunday away, but when Monday rolled around I was ready to go. Sleep does do good! We've spent most of this week organizing our trip photos and washing clothes, but have had a pretty good week. Our grass is at least a foot tall, too! I am bummed we had to leave Arkansas, but it's always nice to be back around your own things and sleeping in your own bed. Nothing beats "home." In the meantime, here are the things that made this week great!

1. This Blue-Jay

We've had this curious blue-jay hanging around our yard for the last two years and I spotted him on Tuesday scoping out the birdbath and bird feeder. I am always pleased to see him each year and glad he likes us, too.

2. These Pencils

Public Supply always has the best products. We use them a lot for school supplies in the classroom.

3. This Coffee Sleeve

It was paired with a nice vanilla-chai-latte and was just what I needed when we landed in Portland. And it kept my fingers from getting burned.

4. My New Adventure

I've finally decided to separate my jewelry from my other items from The Peppermint Bee. All of my non-jewelry items are still available at The Peppermint Bee, but anything jewelry-related will be on my new shop "Love Bus Jewelry." I do hope you'll stop by and say hi. I have a lot more items going up in the shop weekly starting at the end of May.

5. These Smoothies

The Mr. and I are enjoying homemade green smoothies lately and are definitely reaping the benefits; More energy, better moods, and shedding a few pounds. 

  1. Fishing in the Provo River.
  2. Waterfalls of the Black River.
  3. Our next vacation, maybe?
  4. Caribbean Sea, Aruba.
  5. Definitely going here soon!
  6. Long Island getaway?
  7. California northern coast.
  8. Lake Tahoe.
  9. L.A. & Santa Barbara by way of Amtrak.
  10. Orange County, California. Trolley rides, Laguna Beach Hotel, and a lot more.
  11. Possibly San Diego.
  12. Santa Fe?
  13. Ruidoso?
  14. Albuquerque?
  15. Or maybe just to Boise, Idaho.

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