Quick Tips 107: Things you can't go without knowing

Here's another installment of the Quick Tip 101-(Volume 7) 
These are a few tips from the past month that I feel could help you, too.

1.  Use a galvanized bucket to hold your garden hose and water sprinklers.

This is the setup at my house and I will tell you, it's really handy when we need to grab something quick, or to move the hose in a hurry. We just wrap it around the bucket and it's good to go.

2.  Placing the dustpan in the corner.

The Hiatt House has Pergo Flooring in it. Although it's better than carpet, it still isn't something I am thrilled about, but that aside, sweeping it or vacuuming it is something I do every day. When there isn't anyone around the hold the dustpan well, I am either bending over holding the broom, or coming up with a new strategy. I devised a way to actually hold the dustpan without actually holding the dustpan. Place it in the corner and the job is done.

3.  Use ginger tea in your bath water.

I buy ginger tea for two reasons. One, to drink, of course and the other, to use in my bath water. Ginger has been known to help flush the body of toxins and to aid in digestion. You can make up a cup of tea and throw the used bag into your bath water. Drink the tea while you enjoy the benefits of the ginger in your bath.

4.  Using a doggie piddle pad as a dish drainer water mat.

This is our old dish drainer, we have a bamboo one now, but for both of them I used Dog Pottie Pads to catch the excess water. They work in a pinch when all of the dish towels are in the wash.

5. Using pencils to balance paint bottles.

I do a lot of random painting, especially for my Etsy Shops. I have many bottles that have just a bit of paint in the bottom and I couldn't figure out a way to get the last little bit out without standing and holding the bottle. Bring in the good ole' number 2 pencil. Balancing the bottle upside down with pencils on either side was a really great idea. I am actually proud of this tip because I figured it out by accident. I will spare you the boring story, but it has helped bring out the last drip in my paint and glue bottles.

Hope these tips help you and make your life just a bit easier.

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