Our garden currently: Spring cleanup

We have been on constant cleanup mode here where we live at the Hiatt House. It seems everything needed a little TLC from this past season of horrible weather. The trees in the side and back yards sure took a beating and the side yard tree needed to be replanted again and cut back a lot from the dead branches. 

We have decided to find a use for the all of the bricks we have now. If you remember, we helped a neighbor tear down an old fireplace and for our work he gave us $200 and all of the bricks. I've been leaning more toward a flowerbed in the side yard to break up the yard a little bit, but I am not sure what I want yet. More on this later.

Our gardening area is a mess. Last winter wrecked havoc on our area with snow, wind, and loads of rain, so we are in the process of cleaning everything up and I can't wait to get started. 

We have a lot of plans in store, so stay tuned to see what we are doing with our backyard and side yard soon!

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