Five simple things

Well, it's the day after April Fool's Day and I'm pretty pumped about this weekend. The sun is going to be shining each day and it means a lot of outside time. We took a walk at Silver Creek Falls in Silverton, Oregon, yesterday. (Those photos soon) It was such a nice stroll, and I was sad to leave. We've been spending less time in front of a screen lately and more time together and outside. I think it's been a great way for us all to appreciate things and each other more. With that said, here are the things that made this week awesome. 

1.  This Quote

A lot of of people don't seem to get this. The old saying still stands true:  "Actions speak louder than words."

2.  This Room.

Isn't it awful?  Needless to say, it doesn't quite look like this anymore. Stay tuned next week to see what it looks like now.

3.  This Soap

We haven't used it yet, but I'm pretty excited to get it wet. It's a bar that came in one of my Yogi Surprise boxes and I am totally anxious to use it. We are still on a new bar, so it will just have to wait its turn. You can check out this brand of soap here.

4.  These Necklaces

Lots of great ones over at Love Bus Jewelry. Most of them are only $12 and with code FREESHIP, you can get your shipping cost paid for. Check them all out here.

5.  This Clip Art

Did you get it already? It's perfect for spring, so grab it up and post it on your inspiration board. You can snag it here and if you haven't seen the cherry blossoms from our backyard, please take a moment and check them out. They are beautiful!

And not to mention, The Bean's Easter basket surprise.

The Bean got a lot of great Easter treats this year and even though he is 12-years-old he still enjoys his baskets the bunny brings.

The Easter bunny brought him some healthy goodies along with his candy this year. The "Bunny" wants him to not fill up on all sugar, but a few candies are needed for the basket, even so.

Hope your Easter celebration was as wonderful as ours was!

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