From an old t-shirt to a bag

My son quickly outgrows his clothes like he is the Incredible Hulk each year. Along with outgrowing clothes comes the moment that he outgrows his favorite clothes. I've seen the posts on making adult t-shirts into reusable bags, but wasn't sure how well it would work for a child's t-shirt. The Bean not wanting to let go of his favorite Star Wars shirt, I decided to give it a try. It was a hit!

All I simply did was turn the shirt inside out and cut a larger opening in the neck, but it can be left "as is" depending on what your child, or you, carry inside. I then cut off the sleeves and followed the stitching of the sleeve to keep it in from fraying later. I then did a simple straight stitch three times along the bottom of the shirt, which will become the bottom of your bag. And that was it! Really a simple task, even if you're new to sewing.

I plan on making a pocket inside the bag with the leftover sleeves, so that my son can carry small items and not have them get lost in the bottom of the bag.

He was so glad to still have his favorite shirt close, but be able to repurpose it in a new way. I was glad to be able to give him that. He has already used it to carry home books from the library and for his small items he likes to carry from day-to-day. He will really put it to the test on our big trip coming up in May.

Have you ever made a t-shirt into a bag, or anything else?  Let me know in the comments!  I'd love to hear all of the ways a t-shirt can be repurposed.

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