Time to prank (April Fool's Day)

Oh, how I love to prank the Mr. on April Fool's Day.  You would think that after all of these years getting him, he would know to watch out for it, but no, I get him every year.

Last year it was this:

Of course, I changed all of the addresses to reflect our town and added the Mr.'s name to the violation.  I had him going for about 20 minutes.  I printed the envelope outside from our own printer and just stuck it in with the mail for the day.  It was a great prank and you can snag this download here from Pretty Prudent.  

I pulled this fun prank on The Bean in 2013.  He was so tired that it took him about five minutes to realize what was happening.  It was great!

This year I am going to pull another doozy from Pretty Prudent with the fake IRS audit.  We did our taxes this year through TurboTax.  We normally go through H & R Block and pay about $200.  So this year, we saved that money and filed for free through TurboTax.  I've been hinting around a few times to the Mr. that I've seen people say online that they are getting audited.  Which, of course, is a complete fabrication.  TurboTax is easy to use and free to file through federal and state taxes.  It took us about an hour to enter in all of our information and it took about a week to get our tax return check.  I highly recommend them, if you have the time to sit and do them yourself.  Anyway, onto the prank......

I was wondering how to do the envelop and I think I'm going to do the same as before and just add it to the mail for the day.  Of course, just like the parking ticket prank I've changed the names and locations to reflect our town.  I can't wait to watch him flip out.  The Bean has been searching Pinterest too for his prefect prank to pull on the Mr.  I am teaching him well!

If you are in search of some quick, no painful April Fool's pranks here are some fun ones.

A few others...........

 Lava in a pothole.                             Fake paper roll.

        Brown E's                                                 Eyeballs on Everything

This prank was tempting to do, but since we are on a sugar-free diet to kick our habit, it just wouldn't be a good thing to do right now.  The Mr. loves Tootsie Rolls and I love Smarties, so the temptation was too great, but it is a good prank otherwise.  

........And don't forget to print off 100 of these and place them all over your home.  Don't forget cabinets and the toilet lid too!

Hope you have some fun with these ideas.  April Fool's Day is a blast in our house and I hope some of these prove to be a blast in your home too.  Happy April Fool's Day!

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