Five simple things

This has been a rainy week.  Of course, that's the norm that you'll hear in Oregon right now.  We are stuck smack dab in the middle of the rainy season.  I had a conversation with my mother-in-law yesterday about Bend and their weather over there.  They had just come back from a few days stay over in Bend and she was saying how much she loved the area.  The weather in Bend reminds me a lot of Arkansas, but is a bit more dry than Arkansas during the heat of summer.  I feel like the rain will never stop sometimes here, but when the heat of the summer heats, we will miss the rain.  Here are the things that made this week awesome.

1.  This Soap

I opened this soap this week and was reminded of our trip to Pacific City.  This soap is the Inn at Cape Kiwanda's guest soap, along with the Aveda line shampoo and conditioner.  I used the last of our other soap and got it down to just a tiny sliver.  The Bean took a bath and let the last of it dissolve in the water.  It is always nice to open a fresh bar and start it's journey to becoming gone.  

2.  This Tree

The house across the street is vacant and has been for about six months now.  It's sad to watch it slowly go downhill each month more and more, but the tree out front would make you think otherwise.  We have been told that someone has purchased it and has plans to fix it up and I hope they keep the pretty Ornamental Cherry Tree.

3.  This Night Sky

The storms and rain sometimes create the most beautiful skies here in Oregon.

4.  These Cherry Blossoms

This tree sits in the field behind our house and the limbs get so heavy with blooms they hang over the fence.  When this tree blooms, in my mind, it's the official start of spring.  When the wind blows these blooms off the tree it almost looks like snow falling.

5.  This Shadow

We've moved things around in our house and the living room is now in the dining room-More on that reveal next week. When the sun sets in the west it shines through the window and creates a wonderful shadow of hidden treasures behind the curtains.

Last Saturday night was Earth Hour and we spent it playing Monopoly with the lights off for an hour. Our Monopoly game actually went on for about four days, too. I won!


  1. This looks like something fun to add to the classroom windows.
  2. This mailbox is nice, but I am on a hunt for something more vintage.  
  3. I've been listening to Public Radio more.  ...and here.
  4. Loving this lamp.  I think it's perfect for our new living room setup.
  5. Could this save a trip to the local bulk store?  Not sure, but maybe we'll try it once and see.
  6. P. Allen Smith's Easter shop has me swooning everything lately.
  7. Do you meditate
  8. Another trip to the store saved?
  9. Trees of Oregon.
  10. A disposable option for pads.  I love this concept a lot.    

Have a wonderful weekend.

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