Five simple things

Wow, this week has been crazy for weather.  One day we got rain, just straight rain all day, no letting up and the following day we had sunshine all day.  The next day was scattered showers and then a huge thunderstorm rolled through overnight.  It was nice to fall asleep by, but the rain hammering the windows sounded like little beads hitting the glass.  We aren't the only ones with rain issues though.  Talking with my sister on Thursday night and they were getting quite a downpour in Arkansas too.  And poor Louisiana.  I am ready to see some springtime sunshine for longer than 24 hours and I'm ready to get outside and get to work on our gardens. Here are the things that made this week awesome, as we were stuck inside on rainy days.

1.  This Sign of Spring.

We didn't get a chance to go to the Daffodil Farm this year, mainly because of the rain, but we do see signs of spring making an appearance.  Daffodils are always my first sign of spring, along with the cherry tree in the backyard showing white blooms.  The cherry tree blooms aren't quite in full display, but next week I will share it's wonderful snow-like performance.  

2.  This House.

This house is called a Spite House and it's located near Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  Spite Houses are homes build out of spite, such as land issues, spacing issues, blocking light, or another building, or even out of spite of someone else.  I think they are awesome for their size, but there reasoning is a bit hilarious.  You can read about Spite Houses here.  

3.  This Rainy Window.

We've had a lot of rain this week.  Some storms rolling through, but it looks like it may be letting up.  I'm ready for spring and to see the sunshine a bit here and there.  No matter where you live, or who you are, constant rain is a bit annoying after awhile-Even if you're British.  

4.  This New Growth.

Our living Christmas tree, the Colorado Spruce, has new growth signs showing this year.  We are pretty excited to see them too.  We are hoping to plant this beauty in the ground once we move to a new location with some land.  We've been babying this little tree and The Bean's Japanese Maple too.  Both are potted right now.

5.  These Aprons.

These aprons are still for sale at The Peppermint Bee and ready to ship.  They are hand-painted and the green one is perfect for Saint. Patrick's Day.  They come ironed and pressed and ready to give as a gift, or keep for yourself.  Check out the wonderful aprons here.


  1. Chest pain; Could be anxiety.  If you have this, you aren't alone.
  2. Astrid, what a cute name.
  3. Concrete Table Top.  Very doable and might be something we tackle soon.
  4. Our Secretary Desk we bought for our classroom is back in stock at World Market.
  5. We are looking to downgrade our refrigerator from a full-size to a small-size.  We are looking into stainless steel options to match our oven.  Thoughts?
  6. On a hunt for the Forrest Gump Soundtrack.
  7. This cow print.
  8. This boat cleat will work perfectly as a hook outside near the pool for towels.
  9. This.  I've already started my seeds this year, but next year, for sure!
  10. Clever, clever.  This is going to work wonderfully for math problems too.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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