Five simple things

Boooo, the rain is back.  So ready for spring here.  It was a nice day yesterday and the Mr. and I worked in the yard.  We planted some seeds in our "make-shift" greenhouse in the house.  Just a sunny room off the kitchen where the classroom used to be.  We have a lot of new seeds to try out this year and things are moving along with our garden plans this year-can't wait to share them soon.  Hopefully the rain will let up a little this weekend and we can do more cleanup outside.  So here are the things that made my week awesome!

1. This Bottle Tree.

This bottle tree is a southern tradition.  It's used to keep out bad spirits and bad karma.  I've wanted one for awhile, but I could never find one that would hold up to the Oregon rain and wind.  I finally found one after years of searching.  I love it so much that I decided to purchase another one for the front yard.  If you're curious, this is the one we purchased.  It's well-made and holds 12 bottles.

2. These March Printables.

Every month will be something new here at SNS for printables.  Check the link above titled:  "Printables" and snag what's new for the month.

3.  This Geocache.

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we are avid Geocachers.  This Geocache was found in a town called Idanha, Oregon along a the side of a creek.  The town is small with less than 200 residents and is just a spot you drive through on your way from east to west in Oregon.  This Geocache was a nice way to bring attention to the town and the area.  It was part of the Leap Day event from February 27-29.  We found this geocache during that time to earn a souvenir.  

4.  This Building.

If you follow me on Facebook you've seen this photo as my cover photo for the last week, or so.  It's a photo of a building in a town called Crabtree, Oregon.  There's a lot of buildings throughout the Crabtree area that are supposedly haunted and this one is one of them.  I won't tell you what it is, but you can read a lot about the haunted areas throughout the Crabtree, Oregon area here and see if you're own town made the list for anything that's haunted.  I'm not sure if I believe this stuff, but it sure is fun to go and check out these old places.  Some will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

Being in Oregon, which is kind of the north of Arkansas, I always laugh when people make fun of the way I talk, or how I pronounce things.  My southern accent is what makes me different than most here.  I've been told that southerners are slow with their words, or that people might start talking like me if they're around me long enough, or even had people repeat my words in a more southern tone, making fun of it.  I just think, how silly of them and bless their heart.  Ha!


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