Road Trip: Pacific City and Cape Kiwanda

A month ago, for Valentine's Day (our anniversary), we loaded up the dogs and headed straight for Pacific City. In Pacific City, Your Little Beach Town as they call it and beautiful all its own, there's a place called Cape Kiwanda. It's a small area, but such a lovely place. Although, the area is absolutely breathtaking in summer, going in the winter months made us appreciate a different side of the area. We have been here before, and driven past it many times headed to Tillamook and other places, but we've never stopped until now. We stayed at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda and our room was on the second floor, which is kind of the third floor from how the building was situated on the land. We had a sliding glass door that lead to a balcony off our room and slept with it open the entire time. We were directly across from the Pelican Pub & Brewery and smelled the wonderful smells of their food all weekend long. The view of the ocean that weekend was amazing!

Three days before our trip The Mr.'s phone alarm went off for the reminder of the trip and it got us all excited to take off.

A few of the other cafes and restaurants around the area. We loved the Grateful Bread & Bakery for morning breakfast.

This area of the Cape is almost like a little village town with it's own life going on. Surfers headed out to catch a wave, even this time of year. It was such a nice getaway and it only rained on us a few times, but it was perfect timing when we were in the room watching a movie we rented from the lobby, or eating lunch. The Bean enjoyed taking the dogs out to walk around the property and the Mr. and I enjoyed sitting on the balcony watching the seagulls, The Bean, the tourist, or even when it was so quiet you could only hear the ocean waves.

I can't help but show the room off. It was set up so pretty and there was chocolates on the pillows and a nice anniversary gift from the staff waiting on us.


We had champagne and champagne glasses on the table with a lovely note from the staff that read, "Happy Anniversary." It was the first time, in 13-years, the Mr. and I actually got a nice anniversary note on a trip and it made me tear up a bit. Of course, this is the first year of our annual anniversary trips to come. We've decided to take an annual trip in February every year.  It is something I am going to look forward to so much!

There was a kitchenette and the bathroom was in a modern beach decor theme. 

We walked along the beach a lot, but the view from our balcony was really wonderful. I can't keep talking about the wonderful aromas coming from the Pelican Pub & Brewery across the way. Seriously, it was the most wonderful smells drifting around in our rooms all day and all night.

Baz and PITA enjoyed the getaway too. Baz was always eager to go out on the balcony and sniff the air and PITA was fascinated with the black bunnies that were hopping around the property of the Inn. The Inn had little bags of bunny food you could by in the lobby to feed them and The Bean loved feeding them from our room balcony.  

This edge of the cliff here is a hang glider launch spot and the plaque on the ground was dedicated to well known hang gliding pilot named Dick Gammon. Respectively this launch point is named Gammon Launch in his memory.

In Ocean City the houses on the hill were interesting. All along the Pacific Coast there's houses up on the edge of the ocean side. I am always fascinated by these houses because it seems that there's so many houses in one area, facing the water. Everyone is wanting to have an ocean view, it seems.

One drive we made during our trip was to the Tillamook Cheese Factory. We just had to get our hands on a few bags of squeaky cheese.

And the sunsets each night were different each time, but so pretty and bright each time. I still miss those sunsets.

On our drive back we drove on the Old Pacific Coast Highway along Otter Crest Loop. It's an interesting stretch of road because it's only one lane. It takes you over the bridge pictured called Ben Jones Bridge

We also drove through Depoe Bay and Newport because well, why not? If you're a follower of SNS you'll remember that Depoe Bay is the same town where the annual Pirate Treasure Hunt takes place. Every time we head to the coast we take a pass through the bay fronts of both places. There such great areas.

Views of the Pacific Ocean from Whale Cove. This viewpoint is a great place to watch whales during their mating season in the fall.

Water spouts in Depoe Bay, Oregon. It was fun to sit and watch the waves come into the divots in the rocks and watch it spout up like a whale spout. The Bean enjoyed it a lot and we were all were sprayed with sea water as we watched. The spray gave just enough mist to create tiny rainbows all around where we were standing.

We were happy to see the sunshine when we got into Depoe Bay. It rained on us a little on the drive there, but the sun was shining hard and bright once we arrived. We stopped and got us some caramel corn and some taffy for the ride home. Depoe Bay always has the best caramel corn and salt water taffy, in my opinion.  

I can't help by mention the nice Valentine's Day gift we received from Grandma Cheryl when we returned. She always throws in some of the cutest items and the popcorn mix was heavenly!

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