How to soothe dry skin into the spring season

Cold, harsh winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin — especially babies' sensitive skin.  Spring may be knocking at our door, but all around the U.S., the weather outside is still a bit frightful. Thankfully-to the rescue-Honest's Deeply Nourishing line of personal care products and Honest organic healing balm. Made with coconut, olive, sunflower oils and shea butter.  This versatile, nourishing balm is the perfect salve to soothe dry, chafed or sensitive skin all year long.

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When the harsh, dry weather wreaks havoc on my skin in the winter, my go-to solution is Honest organic healing balm. It's made with certified organic, plant-based botanicals known to soothe, calm, nourish and moisturize the skin, including coconut, olive, sunflower oils and shea butter.

I use it on my hands, feet, elbows, and cuticles before I go to bed, on my lips for a bit of extra moisture; and even on my hair to fight frizz!

What I also love is that it's gentle enough for The Bean's sensitive skin. It almost immediately soothes him when he has a rash or chafed knees from climbing trees or riding his bike.

The Mr. loves how soothing the Honest organic healing balm is on his dry heels and its light scent can be used on almost any small cut or graze he gets at work.

The Honest organic healing balm isn't all we use during this time.  We also love the  Honest Deeply Nourishing Products.
The products in this line include:

    •Deeply Nourishing Face + Body Lotion (below):  Apricot oil-enriched lotion that will nourish even the most delicate skin from head to toe.

     •Deeply Nourishing Shampoo + Body Wash (below):  This 2–in–1 nourishing cleanser leaves skin and hair feeling touchably soft and smooth.

  •Deeply Nourishing Conditioner (below):  This enriching conditioner is made with a lightweight and hydrating formula that helps soften hair and eliminate frizz, leaving hair feeling silky soft and easy to manage.

       •Deeply Nourishing Bubble Bath (below):  Honest's nourishing bath with super foaming bubbles cleanses and helps retain moisture for delicate skin.
Along with the Deeply Nourishing line there's also Perfectly Gentle line-infused with the sweet smell of orange and vanilla to brighten their spirits and the Ultra Calming line-with the soothing scent of lavender.  Bath time and bed time just got better! 

Honest's new line of personal care products brings calming, gentle nourishment to your bed and bath routine. 

If you're looking for an ultra-gentle, yet highly-effective products, I definitely recommend trying out the Honest Company products.  Your whole family's skin will be healed and happy.  And don't forget, these products make great gift options, too.  Honest's new bed and bath products are great for baby shower gift, birthday gift, or just every day gift.

You can check out the other great products from The Honest Company.

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