Five simple things

Another week gone and it's Sunday evening with the Oscars on TV tonight; The Bean has his fingers crossed for a Star Wars win.  At least we saw signs of the sun come out this week and we started in on cleaning up the yard from winter.  The winters here really wreck havoc on things, especially when the rain and wind seem to play together.  We also started tacking the garage.  We ended up donating a lot of things we "thought" we needed, but haven't used in years.  Lots of great gardening and planting ideas in the works here too, and I can't wait to share them.  Here are the things that made this week great!

1.  This Spur of the Moment Road Trip.

We took a spur of the moment road trip up the pass and into Sisters, Oregon two weekends ago.  I am still sorting through photos, but I will have those soon to share.  I spent all this past week going through so many of them.  I tend to snap a lot of photos of places mainly because I don't want to miss a thing!

2.  This Little Jumping Doggie.

Hardy (PITA) was determined to jump that puddle and it took him three attempts to clear the whole thing, but he did it!  Good little doggie!  With all of the rain here lately I was starting to think we might need to invest in a little boat to get around.  It finally let up and we did see the sun trying to make a comeback.  I hope it stays around more.  

3.  This Photo of The Bean.

Another one for a frame.  I've been building up my framed photos on the wall and I feel like this one will fit right in with the arrangement.  

4.  These Wall Planters.

Because I am hoping to copy the layout soon.  Fingers crossed!

5.  This Tea.

I am such a huge Downton Abbey fan and with this being the last season, I am going out with a bang.  Every Sunday night, while watching that week's episode, I have several cups of tea.  You can get these teas here before they're gone.


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