Five simple things

So much rain here and cold.  I am looking so forward to spring.  Oregon winters are so hard on someone from the south that still, after all of these years, isn't used to them.  I wouldn't mind the cold so much if we could at least get a bit of snow flurries, but I am not sure we will this year.  But then again, I can't say I am ready for spring and bring on the snow in the same breath.....or can I?  ha!  Here are the things that made this week great!

1.  This Crockpot.

The Mr. surprised me with it and it was a great nontraditional gift from him.  I love when he does small things for me like that.  I was in need of an upgrade.  I've had my other one for about 15 years and it was getting really well used.  I will keep the old one for small dishes, but this one will be great for larger meals planned ahead.  I cook so much with my crockpot-Check out my pin board.  I didn't want one with so many crazy buttons that I wouldn't use, so this model was great-The basic Low/High/Warm setting is perfect for our lifestyle.  If you're curious, this is where to find this exact model.

2.  This Moment.

We've been having family night/meeting nights on Wednesdays now.  Each member of the family gets a chance to voice their ideas, opinions, and plans for the coming week, or month.  After the meeting time we all plan some board games, card games, or the like.  This moment was too precious not to capture.  The Bean had drawn up plans for his idea of a future home.  We have been land/house hunting for the last year (seems like longer).  We still haven't found "the one," but it will happen soon, I feel it.  

3.  February's SNS Reading Selection.

It's an older selection, but I just love Pride and Prejudice so much.  I feel this is a good way to revisit the classic and enjoy the story so much.  You can find out what each month's reading selection is from the top of the page under SNS Library.

4.  This Jell-O Kit.

I try to push better eating habits in our house and I am not too fond of Jell-O, but when you have children sometimes you need to bend the rules a bit.  The Bean loves Star Wars and he loves Jell-O, so I made an exception just this once.

5.  This Camera.

I had mentioned my new camera in a post here, but I didn't get a chance to share it.  The Mr.'s company Christmas parties are never a disappointment and with having an eye on a new camera for so long, he was able to snag one during their Christmas dinner celebration.  He was able to go up on stage and chose from select gifts, or put his name in a pot for cash prizes. This Nikon D3300 was one of them and the Mr. didn't hesitate in snagging it.  It's taking some time to get used to, but I am enjoying it.  It means a lot to me that the Mr. thought of me when picking out a prize that he could have otherwise just used for himself.

I am really enjoying the 200mm zoom lens that came with it.  I've had a lot of fun focusing on Canadian Geese flying over our house and the like.

It was a great week and I have so much more to share, so stay tuned for that.  Don't forget to grab that latest clipart and printables too!  

Have a great weekend!

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