Five simple things

It's Valentine's Day weekend and it's more than just a day filled with hearts for us, it's also our 13-year anniversary.  We are here at Pacific City, Oregon at Cape Kiwanda.  Unfortunately, leave it to Oregon weather to bring on some love-rain.  It's supposed to be 100% chance the entire time we are here, but fortunately for us, it has only rained during the time we have been sleeping.  That's okay though, sort of getting used to all of the rain here lately.  I have my fingers crossed for a thunderstorm though.  I will have lots of pictures to share on the blog soon.  So with that said, here are the things that made this week pretty groovy.

1.  This Sweater.

This sweater used to be worn by my dad back in the late 70s and early 80s.  I remember my dad "maybe" wearing it to a Christmas party once, or twice.  Some how it ended up in my clothing-I think I swiped it to wear to school one day-when I moved out and then made its way all the way into the Bean's closet here in Oregon.  The Bean loves it and I even sent a picture to my dad asking if he recognized it, and HE DID!  Love how it's made a full circle.

2.  This Bathing Robin.

She returned again in the pouring rain.  I feel maybe it's the only time she feel safe to take a bath?  Or maybe it's the fact that it's a bird that just loves the rain.

3.  This Adventurers Kit.

This kit idea is from The Merrythought.  It's such a great idea on ways to encourage kids to get out of the house and explore more.  The Bean and I have been looking into ways to create our own and this one is just what we are looking for.  

4.  This Homemade Butter.


The Bean and I have been playing around with making our own butter lately.  We've been experimenting with different herbs and flavorings with it too.  To make it, just purchase some Heavy Whipping Cream and pour into an airtight container and shake for about 10-20 minutes.  You can add marbles to the container to speed up the process.  We have created a Rosemary Butter that tastes amazing on potatoes.

5.  This Cleansing.

I've really been enjoying burning my sage smudge-stick lately.  I tend to lean more toward burning them on Sundays when it's more of a relaxed atmosphere.  I start the burn during breakfast and let it go until its burned itself out.  It seems to help clean the air and I really do think it's helped us get over being ill the last few weeks.  Added benefit, it helps start the week off with a clean, positive aura to take on the next week's tasks.  


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