Five simple things

1.  This Moment....

Actually this didn't make the week awesome, it made the week miserable.  We don't think it was the flu, but it put us down for at least six days.  I was able to get a lot of work done on my laptop, so there's a positive.  PITA is a snuggle-er, so he and Baz took turns keeping company with everyone laid up until this morning.  We are all finally feeling better, but wow, what a miserable week.  

2. This Rain.

These images are from last week, but we still haven't had a break in the rain here.  I like the rain, but days of it is getting a bit exhausting.  Hopefully we will have a change-up soon....possibly some snow?  

3.  These Tickets/Shirts/and Z-Scale Trains.


Can you see the hikers?

I went to my first train show with the Mr. and the Bean.  This train show was pretty interesting with all of the different setups and scales of train sizes.  My favorite was the Z-Scale size.  How delicate that pieces were and how detailed the landscapes are.  The boys are at a train show today too, but I decided to stay home for this one.  I can't wait until they return and tell me all about what they saw.

4.  This Robin.

Even though it's been raining a ton here the birds are clearly enjoying it.  This little Robin has been splashing about in the birdbath every morning without fail.  I placed some birdseed in the bath to encourage her to return.  She seemed to have loved the treat and I enjoyed watching her play.

5.  This Moment with The Mr.

The Mr. enjoyed a year with his Fantasy Football Trophy for 2014, but this year he wasn't so lucky and lost it to another team.  He got his name engraved on the trophy though, so that was a pretty cool recognition for him.  (Even if it was all in "fantasy")


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