Our Garden Currently: Winter cleanup

Our garden right now is looking quite sad.  I wish I could say that we have the most amazing winter garden going on and that we have cold-weather crops in full display, but that just isn't the case.  Although, we do have plans on cleaning it up and moving things around.  It has even made the Mr. and my resolutions list on things to do.  

The most important thing is to imagine a space that we would be happy with when we harvest each year.  We sat down one night and came up with a solution to the over-crowding in our raised beds.
Of course, this is just a rough outline, things may change.  We want to have some sort of walkway through the garden and we feel the beans/peas, or both may give us the coverage over the walkway that we are looking for.  I was thinking that morning glory would be a good one too, but we'll see.

I'm in love with the front entry of this house. I'm not sure where the photo came from or who it belongs to, but I just love it. Living in a city it would be a great way to break your property from the city streets. And the balcony.....*swoon*

I've recently been finding an interest in roses.  I have been following a few pin boards on rose planting, pruning, and cutting, but I still couldn't figure out a good way to grow them where we live.  If you know anything about Oregon, you know that Portland is the Rose City, so roses grow fantastic here.  Finally, I came across an idea.  The pictures above are from the Lady Carnarvon's blog.  Who is Lady Carnarvon, you might ask?  She is the current countess at Highclere Castle.  What is Highclere Castle?  Well, if you're asking that, then you are really missing out on a lot of great history.  Highclere Castle is Downton Abbey.  Or should I say, Downton Abbey is Highclere Castle.  Well, I digress.  The roses pictured above are from the gardens of Highclere and I love how they are shown here.  The one on the left is a great way to grow them and I am having the Mr. currently design me something similar for when we move into our own home.  The picture on the right is a great way to grow the roses while we live in the city.  Although, we don't own the property here, I don't want to plant anything directly into the earth and not be able to take it when we leave.  I hope my roses look just as lovely as Lady Carnarvon's do.

We also want to do something similar to the trees in front of the house.  Mowing in a tiny circle is getting annoying, so we feel this would be a great solution and be more appealing.  We have a lot of bricks when the neighbor had us help tear out the old fireplace in his house. We may do something similar, or just stick to bark mulch. We'll see. 

Hopefully the spring cleanup will go well and we can have everything simplified and pretty. I'll post soon!

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