Five simple things

Well, the excitement of the holidays is over and a new year has started.  Can you believe it's 2016, already?  Now the focus turns to tax returns and the coming Valentine's Day love.  Since the Mr. and my anniversary falls on Valentine's Day, we are focusing on February more than others at this time of year.  We are giving the Hiatt House a deep cleaning and letting go to focus more on our minimal living approach.  Our goals for the spring garden have come into play lately too.  Oh, the endless focus on how to make this year great!  Can't wait to share all of our great plans.  Meanwhile, here are the things that made last week awesome!

1.  These Turkeys.

These crazy guys are everywhere here in town.  They are quite famous and seem to just roam at will around the city streets, even though they are wild turkeys.  It isn't often that they come down our street, but when they do, they seem to linger awhile.  Skylar-Braden loves to see them and we couldn't help but watch them as they pecked around.  I also posted these turkeys on Skylar-Braden's new train page on Facebook.  Check it out here.  You can see photos on there similar to the one below.

2. This Mountain View and This Sunset.

Oregon does display some picture-worthy moments.

3.  These Blurry Christmas Tree Pictures.

They were mishaps during picture-taking of the town Christmas Tree, but I liked how they turned out.  Seems like they leave a bit of mystery to the photo.

4.  This Homemade Snowflake.

Skylar-Braden's homemade snowflake.  These are so easy to make and so fun too.  Check it out here.

5.  This Puzzle.

Slowly, but surely we are putting it together.  I love puzzles and this one is 2000 pieces.  Fun stuff!


• These Windowsill Plants.

Paper whites and freshly re-potted Aloe Vera.  I found inspiration here.

• This Cutting Board.

Have to give props to my sister-in-law for finding it.  It's 100% bamboo and in the shape of my home town.  It's a great accent to add to my kitchen decor and reminds me of home each time I use it.

Oregon Lottery Dollars really do good things.  Did you buy a Powerball ticket?
• My new favorite.
• The National Weather Service releases 50,000 five foot diameter balloons each year.
• This dog breed remind me of Baz.  (Baz is a shockerd though)
Pasta shells by hand?
These leggings.  They would come in handy on bike rides.
• The most expensive perfume in the world.

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