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It's another week of January coming to an end.  The Mr. and I have been on a sleep-catch up mode for the last week or so.  It seems we just can't get enough sleep.  We are thinking it may be time to invest in a mattress topper.  We have been looking at the memory-foam toppers, but can't seem to settle on the exact one that peeks our fancy.  Update on that once we finally commit.  So here are the things that made this week amazing!

1.  This Patient Waiter.

The boys went with Bazels to the park to play with the helicopters they received for Christmas.  Poor PITA was patiently waiting for their return.  The Mr. got his helicopter from The Bean and me and The Bean received his from cousins. Although the Mr.'s is one that is fitted with a lot more gadgets, The Bean can get a feel for the one he got before buying him a more expensive model.  Baz has had a bit of arthritis in his hips-he turned 15 in 2015-so he needed the exercise more than PITA.

2.  This Jewelry.

I am loving my Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box!  It comes at the same time as my Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box and it's the best subscription box I've had yet.  I get excited like a little kid every time it's on my doorstep.  If you don't get this box, you can try a month here.

3. Honest Valentine's Day Diaper Print

How fun are these?  The Honest Company is always coming up with such fun things.  Now you can dress your baby out in their Valentine's Day Diaper Print.  Makes me want to stock up on them (just in case).

4.  Google's Image for Martin Luther King Day.

I really like how Google recognizes certain people in their image main page.  This past Monday was Martin Luther King day.  The Bean (Skylar-Braden) and I did a few things to honor the day.  We will have those updates soon on the classroom blog.

5.  This Sharpshooter.

My brother and sister-in-law got the Bean a Union Berdan Sharpshooters jacket and pants to match his hat he already had. (They got him the hat a few years ago).  He has worn it a lot lately.  It's been so cold here, so it's the perfect jacket to keep him warm, plus he just likes it.  Now to get him some period boots and the rest of the uniform to make him a real Union Sharpshooter. (Photo on the right:  Source)

The Bean also got a haircut and was looking quite fly afterward.  He was glad to get some of the hair out of his face, but he was bummed that the guy cut so much off the top.  I told him that the best thing about hair is, it grows back in no time.  Hopefully in a month the length will be where he wants it.  


There was a lot of hair on the floor when the barber finished-Look at all that hair!  It was kind of sad to see the long hair go; He's had it for so long.  The picture below is of the place we take him to get haircuts.  The Mr. has been getting his hair cut there since he was a kid.  It was the same place The Bean got his first hair cut and it's such a nostalgic place for us.


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