Five simple things

Oh, man what a week.  The Mr. and I are slowly seeing the floor of our garage and it feels so good to know we are donating things that someone else can find useful.  We have been slowly becoming more minimal an yesterday we went looking at a smaller refrigerator and a new oven.  We found the perfect oven replacement and have a pretty good idea on a new refrigerator.  More on this later.  So with that, here are the things that made my week awesome.

1. These Tabs.
I can't say enough about these.  They are better than a cup of coffee!  You can try them here.

2.  This Puzzle.

If you remember from last week, it is making progress.  We all have been sitting down after dinner to work on it instead of watching TV.  It's been a good way to spend family time and wind down before bed.

3.  This Tweet.

Keeping the names straight really is a struggle sometimes, but I am getting better.  I pause for about 10 seconds when writing one of their name and think, "okay this is for him, so it's Jamie,"  Or vise versa.

4.  This Valentine's Day Printable from SNS.

South North South is doing printable and clip art now and this is the latest one in the collection.  You can download this one here and see the rest here.

5.  This Memory.

This hotel pool was where "The Bean" (Skylar-Braden) learned to swim for the first time on his own.  We stayed here when my brother and sister-in-law got married, and it's the hotel the Mr. stayed at when he first moved to Arkansas.  We have a lot of good memories here.

But now here it is.  My sister sent me this picture and it made me tear up.  Of course, this doesn't make my week awesome, but I can't help by share it.  The hotel was being torn down to make room for church development.  The Mr. and I sort of said goodbye to the hotel here in Oregon by looking at our old photos and enjoying the days we stayed there.  We hope the area is turned into something that will make the corner look wonderful.  The Bean will miss the pool though!


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