Blues night at Downtown Dog

The Mr., Skylar-Braden, and I took a quick walk downtown the Thursday before Christmas to enjoy some blues music from Robbie Laws.  We had gone to eat at the Downtown Dog on Wednesday night and while we were there, the owner (Terry) told us about the blues nights on Thursday.  We decided to walk there, although it was raining, and enjoy the music.  I liked how it was kid-friendly and Skylar-Braden really enjoyed it.  

Check out Robbie Laws music.

Skylar-Braden got a chance to talk to Robbie Laws about music.  Skylar-Braden enjoys 70s music and loves talking to musicians when he gets a chance.  We did after all, take him to his first concert when Foghat was playing live in Albany, Oregon.  


It was a great night for blues.  It was raining, and the wind was whistling through the downtown area.  It couldn't have been a better backdrop for Robbie Laws' music.

After leaving the Downton Dog we decided to walk back a different way and walk through Holidays in the Park at the Snow Park (Ralston Park).

It started raining on us before we got to Snow Park, but the lights still looked bright and festive.

Because of the chilly wind blowing my hands were freezing and shaking. The wind and rain really picked up once we got to Snow Park.

The wind was so strong we felt like we were in Chicago for a few gusts.  One big gust came through and blew the Mr.'s umbrella inside out.  We chased my umbrella a block from when this picture was taken.  Needless to say, we were glad to get back to the warm house and fireplace.  

Overall it was a pretty fun evening.  We enjoyed the blues music and even the walk back home.  It was a great before Christmas evening.

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