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For all of 2015, the Mr. and I subscribed to Birchbox.  We had some good months with samples and the Mr. loved the products that came with each one.  Overall, we had a great experience with them and decided not to continue into 2016 because we are all set with samples for awhile. I think we hae so many we are actually set with samples until 2017.  There were so man great items that came in each box, some samples we used up right away, but others are tucked into glass jars in our bathroom.  We will be using them slowly throughout 2016.  This is a review of the Man's Box through Birchbox and what samples and products came with each month for 2015.  The Man Box is $20 each month and you can sign up here.

Men's box for January 2015:

The theme for January 2015 was:  "Let's do this thing."

Birchbox wanted to help the man get a jump start of good habits for the New Year.  They posted a new trick or challenge to their Instagram for the 31 days in January.
  • Day One:  Try something new with your personal style.
  • Day Two:  Embrace the morning.
  • Day Three:  Run faster.
  • Day Four:  New year, new grooming habits.
  • Day Five:  Workout...at work!
  • Day Six:  Take command of your space.
  • Day Seven:  Jump rope like a pro. 
  • Day Eight:  Step confidently into the slush puddle. 
  • Day Nine:  Cut your sugar intake in half.
  • Day 10:  Try a brand new hairstyle.
  • Day 11:  Start (or build) your suit collection. 
  • Day 12:  Snack smarter.
  • Day 13:  Get smart about stain removal.
  • Day 14:  Find your signature scent. 
  • Day 15:  Learn to apply your daily face moisturizer the right way. 
  • Day 16:  Make laundry less of a hassle.
  • Day 17:  Organize your closet.
  • Day 18:  Upgrade your gym clothes.
  • Day 19:  Split wood like a lumberjack.
  • Day 20:  Don't hack your face.
  • Day 21:  Try a standing desk. 
  • Day 22:  Learn how to trim your own hair.
  • Day 23:  Stock your desk drawer and keep it organized.
  • Day 24:  Nail your skincare routine.
  • Day 25:  Drink a lot... a lot of water, that is. 
  • Day 26:  Take a nap, and get the most out of your R&R.
  • Day 27:  Pack your lunch, and pack it right.
  • Day 28:  Make a cocktail...with your hair product. 
  • Day 29:  Make a green smoothie fit for a lumberjack. 
  • Day 30:  Get the wrinkles out of your clothes.
  • Day 31:  Grow a beard—finally. 
The samples:
1.  Billy Jealousy:  Hydroplane Super Slick Shave Cream
2.  CLEAN:  Classic Eau de Toilette for Men
3.  Mt. Sapola:  Charcoal Bar Soap (not pictured)
4.  Nourish Snachs:  Mr. Popular Snack (not pictured)
5.  Men In Cities:  Wool Blend Touch Screen Gloves

Favorite item:  

Men's box for February 2015:

Theme for February was "Optimized."
-Steeper bills.
-Bury Fear.
-High Stakes.
-More Efficient.

The samples:
1.  Ernest Supplies:  Protective Matte Moisturizer
2.  Grooming Lounge:  The Best Shampoo
3.  Heroes & Aristocrats by Royal Apothic:  Ultra-Shave Cream Gel
Quirky:  Carabandits
Quirky:  Cordies

Favorite item:  

Men's box for March 2015:

Theme for March was:  "Boldly Go."

The samples:
1.  (MALIN + GOETZ):  Lime Bar Soap
2.  Billy Jealousy:  LiquidSand Exfoliating Facial Cleanser
3.  English Laundry:  Royal Aqua
4.  Izola:  Pocket Knife

Favorite Item:

Men's box for April 2015:

Theme for April was:  "MADMEN."

The samples:
1.  Billy Jealousy:  Illicit Pearlized Body Wash
2.  das boom:  Everywhere Lotion Detroit
3.  Jack Black:  Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lotion (not pictured)
4.  Happy Socks:  Men's Socks

Favorite item:

Men's box for May 2015:

Theme for May was:  "Comeback Story."
Comeback from a slump and get back in the groove for the year.

The samples:
1.  Cotz:  Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40
2.  Montale:  Woods and Spices
3.  Montez Renault:  Moisturizing Body Lotion
4.  Skinny Tie Madness:  Edward 40 Hands

Favorite item:

Men's box for June 2015:

Theme for June was:  "Write your own Adventure."
Where to next?  

The samples:
1.  Atelier Cologne:  Cedrat Enivrant Cologne Absolue
2.  Davines:  MOMO Shampoo
3.  PLANT:  Get It On Body Wash
4.  Carry On Cocktail Kit:  The Old Fashioned

Favorite item:

Men's box for July 2015:

Theme for July was:  "Summer Epic."
Lounging in the afternoon shade and soaking up the perks of summer.

The samples:
1.  Billy Jealousy:  Triple Crown 3-in-1 Body Wash
2.  Das Boom:  Everywhere Lotion Kyoto
3.  Supergoop!:  City Sunscreen Serum SPF 30
4.  Profound Aesthetic:  Genuine Leather Raw Journal:  Pocket Size

Favorite item:

Such a great group of samples already up to July.....

Men's box for August 2015:

Theme for August was:  "Brave New Worlds."
Virtual reality viewer from River helps you escape to a new world.

The samples:
1.  Birchbox Man + River:  Virtual Reality Viewer
2.  Coalatree:  Nomad Backpack
4.  Das Boom:  Everything Wash Denali
5.  Game Day:  Shave Cream
6.  Supergoop!:  Forever Young Hand Cream with SPF 40

Favorite item:

Men's box for September 2015:

Theme for September was:  "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
Channel the retro cool of the film with slick pomades, classic scents, and a spy-worthy multitool.

The samples:
1.  CW BEGGS AND SONS:  Face Wash
2.  das boom Industries:  Body Brick West Indies
3.  Lab Series:  Max LS Age-Less Power V Lifting Cream (not pictured)
4.  AM Lab:  Mist
5.  AM Lab:  Wipes
6.  Escentric Molecules:  Escentric
7.  AM:  Lab Minis

Favorite item:

Men's box for October 2015:

Theme for October was:  "Peak Performance."
Samples to have you fired up on all cylinders.

The samples:
1.  Clinique for Men:  Face Scrub
2.  Ursa Major:  4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic
3.  CW BEGGS AND SONS:  Shower, Shampoo and Shave
4.  Helmut Lang:  Cuiron
5.  Coalatree:  Nomad Backpack

Favorite item:
Coalatree:  Nomad Backpack was a favorite in August too!

Men's box for November 2015:

Theme for November was:  "I Stand For:  "
What do you stand for?  Reflection and gratitude.

The samples:
1.  (MALIN+GOETZ):  grapefruit face cleanser
2.  (MALIN+GOETZ):  vitamin e face moisturizer
3.  Clinique for Men:  Oil Control Face Wash
4.  das boom Industries:  Everywhere Lotion West Indies
5.  Cartier:  Pasha Edition Noire Eau de Toilette spray
6.  Upstate Stock:  Fingerless Gloves

Favorite item:

Men's box for December 2015:

Theme for December was:  "Home & Hearth."
Keep one foot in the past and one in the present with this roster of updated classics.

The samples:
1.  CW BEGGS AND SONS:  Moisturizing Lotion (After Shave + Face Care)
2.  Brickell Men’s Products:  No Shine Lip Balm
3.  Etat Libre d'Orange:  Cologne 
4.  Topo Designs:  Watch Cap
5.  AYRES:  Body Butter

Also came with a card for $10 off a $35 order from the Birchbox shop.

Favorite item:

Birchbox Man is a great way for men to change up their routine and experience new products.  The Mr. loved the items that accompanied the boxes and the face wash and creams were always a big hit with him.  You can experience Birchbox Man now here and your boxes are always $20 for as long as you keep your subscription going.

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