Five simple things

We've been cleaning out our garage and I was hoping to have enough of it done to share a photo, but to be quite honest, it's still a bit in shambles.  Next week I shall share away.  For now, here are the things that made my week awesome.

1.  Our Tree.
It's up and decorated.  We went with a 6-foot Noble Fir this year.  We visited Trantham Christmas Tree Farm here local (photos soon) and had a wonderful time in their Christmas tree "forest." I've been on a mad wrapping frenzy the last few days too.

A lot of my shopping happened online, so as they come in, I wrap them up.  My tape dispenser has been working overtime lately.  'Tis the season!

2.  This Game.

Last week we were a bit under the weather.  First it hit the Mr., then it hit the boy, then it hit me.  No fun, but we did find ways to pass the time "productively." 

3.  These Patches.

These have been a back saver lately.

4.  This Seltzer.

Alka-seltzer has been our friend this week and last.

5.  This Month's Book.

Have you joined in on the SNS Reading List?  Every month a new book is posted and you are more than welcome to join in.  I welcome comments on the selection on the page too.  You can suggest selections as well.  Just email me at  Be sure to check the link to the page at the top of the blog each month.


• New Items in the Shop:
Lots of items in the shop are marked down to almost 50%.  Grab a last minute Christmas gift.  I promise delivery by Christmas if your order is placed before December 15.  So hurry!  Check out all of the sale items here.

• New use for bricks.


We have this quite large pile of bricks in our backyard and have been trying to find ways to re-purpose them.  We helped a neighbor tear down his fireplace and we got to keep the bricks.  Which at the time, seemed like a great idea, but now we are stumped on ways to use them.  Some random ideas I've found, but still not sure.  

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