Thanksgiving 2015

Since we celebrated Halloween in Arkansas, we never got a chance to hit a pumpkin patch here, or there.  We meant to fit a pumpkin patch trip in while we were in Arkansas, but we just ran out of time.  Running around and doing so much with family, time got away from us.  So when we came back, we decided to wait until Thanksgiving to cut our own home-grown pumpkins and enjoy them for Thanksgiving.  We grew quite a few medium-sized ones this year and they worked perfectly for our harvest-type decorations.  Skylar chose not to carve one, so we placed them on our front porch and are still enjoying them.  

Can't believe October is already over and the end of the year is approaching.  It reminds us how precious our time is.  My bird feeder seems to be growing its own lawn. 

After the rain has stopped we are planning on cleaning up the garden area.  We have such great plans for it next year.  A few more garden boxes and a whole new layout.  Can't wait to share!

So many great pumpkins.

The last harvest of the dill for the year.  Lots of plans for this herb for next season too. 

A lone purple flower holding on tight before the winter bite and freeze hits.  

Skylar loved that he was able to pick pumpkins that he helped grow.  

He picked out his favorite and so did the Mr.

What a great selection of organically-grown pumpkins.  

Our once-a-year-Thanksgiving table setup all decorated for the Thanksgiving dinner.  The Mr. carved up his famous turkey he cooks.  We actually use an electric cooker and he seasons it with the best seasonings.  This year we went with an all-natural, organic turkey.  We tasted the difference, for sure!   For those curious, this is the roaster we use.Works great for chicken and fish too.

We also played a bit of UNO on Thanksgiving night.  We are slowly forming traditions by accident.  This is the third year that we've played board games on Thanksgiving.

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