Cutting the perfect Christmas tree-2015

One of our traditions in getting a Christmas tree is to visit a different tree farm each year.  This year we just happened to see a sign outside of town for Trantham's Tree Farm.  We saw it when we were on our way to the Oregon Garden to do some ice skating.  This tree farm wasn't big, but it was very quaint and had a lot of firs to choose from.  We went with a noble fir this year because we like to mix it up a bit from year to year with our choice.  

They gave us colored cups to place on top of the trees we liked and then narrow down our choice as we walked around.  Our choice this year was to get a narrow, smaller tree, so that it didn't take up a lot of space.  I will say, from the past I've always gone with a fuller tree and this year we decided to go skinnier.  It was a good choice for the amount of space we have here at the Hiatt House.  We narrowed it down to the two trees above and took about 30 minutes deciding which one we liked best.  The Mr. wanted the smaller tree, but I wanted to go tall.

We ended up with the smaller tree because of its shape.  I really liked how skinny it was, but the height wasn't quite what I wanted.  It looks pretty good though, given the ornaments and star bring it taller a bit.

The wetness of the ground made it a bit tough to get a good stable position to cut it.  The Mr. wasn't having too much fun with that.  What's a Christmas tree cutting without someone getting dirty, right?  Just glad it was him and not me. Ha!

I think we snagged a pretty good tree.  The Mr. is about six-foot tall, so a six-foot tree isn't all that bad.  I will push for a taller one next year, though.  :)

The Mr. looking very "Lumber-sexual" carrying our precious tree to the shaker.  

Our tree got a good shaking and then was ready to load up on top of the car.

Trantham Christmas Tree Farm is about 10 miles northeast of where we live.  It was a cut, yet small Christmas Tree Farm and they seem to have just what we needed.  If you're in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, give them a go next year.  They also carry pretty snazzy handmade wreaths, as well.

I think she looks wonderful!

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