Five simple things

We are back from our Arkansas Halloween trip and we are jet lagged and tired.  We got back on Wednesday night and we were exhausted by the time we walked in our front door.  We've been going to bed at 8:00-9:00 p.m. and getting up between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.  Our time is a little off and we are still running on Arkansas time, it seems.  Ha!  I don't mind right now because we are all off work until Monday.  Once Monday rolls around, hopefully our bodies will get back on track.  With that said, here are the things that made my week awesome.

1.  This Feel Good Mix.

Because I picked up a bit of a sniffle since we came back from our trip, so I've been pushing the liquids and vitamin C in hopes it will bugger off and I won't need a doctors visit.  

3.  This Kid.

Because he looks like a ninja in his black suit and since we are back it means back to karate class. 

4.  This Pink Sky.

Because there seems to be a lot of pink skies at night here on the west coast and I love it.    

5.  This Brand.

Because it's awesome to see Tillamook cheese in Arkansas too.  I love the yogurt and sharp cheddar.


• These Seagram's Wine Coolers.

Because I found these when grocery shopping and bought one of each flavor.  Totally recommend them all!

• These Coins.

Because we've started a good collection and my uncle's passing brought us a few more to add to our collection.  My dad always collected coins, so it's a nice hobby for Skylar to get into.  We have some rare ones.

• This Quote.

Because less is definitely more.  It's not about having what you want, it's about wanting what you have.

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