Road Trip: Enchanted Forest

This past summer we took a trip up north and went to a place called Enchanted Forest.  It's sort of a fairy tale place for kids that includes Alice in Wonderland, The Three Bears, Snow White, etc.  It's really a neat place for kids to get lost in the stories too.  We had a great time and we all three enjoyed climbing through the rabbit hole.  

Coming into the parking lot, you can see the fairy tale buildings from the outside.  Enchanted Forest is such a fun place for kids and adults.

Skylar was really excited to go in.

We first visited the king's castle.

He was sitting on his throne giving orders out to his servants. 


We walked through the castle and checked out the knights and the dungeon.  We also read some of the notices for the kingdom.

Next we visited with Humpty Dumpty.  Lucky for us, he didn't have a great fall.

Little Miss Muffet was sitting and eating her curds and whey when we walked by.  She didn't seem to mind the spider that was creeping down beside her.

Next was the Alice in Wonderland exhibit.  We all climbed (slowly) through the rabbit hole.  It was fun, yet I didn't quite feel like a rabbit.  

Alice was having a nice conversation with the caterpillar when we saw her.

The Mad Hatter was at tea, of course.

Alice finished up her conversation and we moved on.

The Seven Dwarfs weren't at home when we peeked in.

We checked out their mine when we walked through.  They were busy axing away at the gold.

The witch had her eye on us the whole time though.

Rip Van Winkle was taking a nap.

We walked through the Crooked Man's house.

The paintings on his wall were a little "off."

We saw Little Red Riding Hood going to see her grandmother.

We thought about telling her that it was the Big Bad Wolf instead, but we walked on.

Next, we walked to Tofteville to get a snack and check out some of the attractions.

We saw funny signs and took a tour through the haunted house in town.

We tried out luck at a shooting range......

And had a boat race.  Skylar climbed through a fallen building.

And then took a tunnel from a tee-pee to an underground Indian hideaway. 

We rode a small roller coaster. 

While in Tofteville, we saw the local dentist.

For some reason, his name never was the same on two signs.

He was busy pulling a man's teeth out when we saw him.  Ha!

The local jail was full of criminals.

The town was busy and fun to see all of the funny attractions.  We moved on from Tofteville to the German Town.

The residence were hanging out of their windows singing, when we passed by.

We stopped for some German ice cream and enjoyed the sun before we left.  It was a great little visit and road trip.  We are definitely going to make another trip in the summer.

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