Road Trip: A pirate treasure hunt (Depoe Bay)

Every year, since we've moved to Oregon, the city of Depoe Bay has an annual Pirate Treasure Hunt to raise money for the local food bank.  We've participated in it four times and this year was another year for us to give it a go.  Now that Skylar is a little older (the first time we did it he was four) he is able to help with the tasks and also run a little faster to get from point to point.  The treasure hunt has you going all over Depoe Bay to preform tasks and get a small treasure for your efforts.  The best part, you get to dress up like a pirate and talk like a pirate all day!


Depoe Bay looked like a sunny paradise during the Pirate Treasure Hunt.  The sun was shining the entire time and we couldn't have wished for a pretty day.

We met a guy with the name of Jack Sparrow.  But here's the fun part about meeting him, his legal name is really Jack Sparrow.  He showed us his drivers' license and sure enough, his name is Jack Sparrow.  He embraces the name though and goes to pirate festivities just for the fun.


We got our first assignments of the hunt.  The same lady gave us the second set of assignment later in the day too.  She almost reminded me of the front of a ship mast the way she was standing in this picture.

The sealed envelope contained our task sheet and everything we had to do in order to complete the task.

We were team #16 and our name was Boodie's Hunters.  

Our first task of the day took us up to the sidewalk to draw a large mermaid on the sidewalk.  

We had a few laughs at how fun it was to draw on the sidewalk in the middle of town.

Some of the other chalk drawings were pretty great too.


We had a great time watching Skylar get captured by the British and locked in the Stockades. 


The guys that played the role of the British were great in character.


It was such a beautiful day in Depoe Bay that weekend.  I couldn't miss the chance for a great shot of the coast.

A little history of the World's Smallest Harbor.

A view from Whale Cove.

This seagull was trying to steal bites of this tuna a fisherman has caught.  He was sneaky.

The British cannons and the Union Jack flying high.

Our second task was sort of like Yahtzee.  We had to roll skull dice in order to certain numbers we needed to win.  We all had to roll a 25 in order to move on.  The name of the game was called Rattle Yer Bones.

Skylar rolled a 25 in two rolls.  Lucky pirate!

Task three was about staying focused.  We had to roll a fishing buoy that had three different colored holes in it.  We had to roll it back and forth on a fishing rope to drop colored marbles out.  This task took us awhile to get it right, but it was a blast!

After lunch we stood to get our next set of tasks.  We are the ones standing the red bandannas.

Task four was about hooking rings on a mermaid.

Task five was a bean bag toss.  We had to throw different colored bags into a small barrel to win.

After the tasks there was about an hour break and we waited for them to tally up the scores and see who won.  We all met back up at the Depoe Bay Civic Center for a raffle, silent auction, open auction, winners to be announced, and prize drawings.

Our team photo.  We are on the right in the back with the red bandannas.

We had a great weekend and we came away with some pretty good swag too!

We ended up with some pirate jewelry, some gift certificates to local businesses in Depoe Bay, some trinkets, coffee, pirate mug, Full Sail brewery certificates, Chinook Winds Golf Course certificates, solar lights for the garden, and some random other pirate treasures.  

We can't wait until next year to take some of the gift certificate trips.

Such a great yearly event.

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