Five simple things

So I am posting this from Arkansas.


We left out bright and early Wednesday morning to Portland.  The sun wasn't even showing when we took off, but it made it's appearance as we got closer to the airport.


 I am having a blast and tonight is the Halloween party I've been planning since July.  Can't wait to catch up with everyone and see how life has been for the past 20+ years.  It's crazy to think that much time has passed since we had the Halloween party for the community, when I was a kid.  Hopefully, I can get some great pictures to share of the gathering.  Here are the things that made my week, so far, awesome!

1.  This Rose.

Because it was still blooming when we took off on Wednesday for the airport.  I was thrilled to see it before we left.  I hope some of the blooms are still showing when we return.

2.  These Animals.

Because they were sad to see us go, but I know they are being well looked after and I will be excited to see them when we get back.  Lots of doggie slobbers and kitty kisses will be waiting for me, I am sure.

3.  Our Backyard Cleanup.



Because we were actually able to get it all cleaned up before we took off.  It's supposed to rain a ton while we are gone, so I am glad we got everything taken in.  One less thing to worry about while we are out of state.

4.  This Chair.

Because we ran a few errands before we flew out of Oregon and this chair caught our interest when we stopped by the sporting goods store.  We didn't buy it, but we did play on it for awhile.  Skylar thought it was pretty cool.  Maybe a Christmas present as a surprise?  Who knows where we would put it though.....

5.  These Ducks.

Because while we were in Albany, we couldn't help but stop to feed them.  The ducklings were adorable!


• This treat and this dinner.

I'm missing summer strawberry shortcakes from Burgerville and some good soups from Panera Bread.  I think I might make of both at home when we return from our trip.  Who says you can't have strawberry shortcake in the fall?  

• These Flowers and this couch.

Because sunflowers are a perfect decor for this time of year and I can't get over how much I'm loving our new couch.  It's perfect for our lifestyle and smaller, so there's more room in our tiny living room. 

• These Solar Lights.

Because they are pretty and still glowing the morning we left for the airport on Wednesday.  

• This Little Free Library

Because we took a walk a few days before we left and exchanged our books for new reads on the plane.  If you aren't familiar with Little Free Libraries, check them out here.

Here's to a great time in Arkansas!

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