Five simple things

Another great Saturday!  We got a bit of rain here overnight and it couldn't have come at a better time.  I like when it rains overnight rather than during the day when you want to be out and about.  I'm anxiously waiting for the return of Downton Abbey.  I've been on a watching binder of Season One-Five right now and over at the PBS Shop Season Six is up for sale.  I have been dropping hints to the Mr. in hopes he will do a bit of early Christmas Shopping for me.  Hehe!  Anyway, here are the things that made my past week awesome.

1.  This Fish Painting.

Because I've been clearing photos from my phone lately and came across it.  It's a wonderful reminder of this fun trip.

2.  This Rug.

Because it would be nice for a man cave, but we don't have one.  Yet.  I am reminded of the fun with Flat Ryan too, with this picture.

3.  This Bell.

Because during my Downton Abbey bender I've been on a mad hunt for a service bell similar.  I have found a few:
1.  Antique Door Bells:  This company was the same one that was actually used on Downton Abbey to supply the bells, so it's more authentic than others.  (They are a bit pricey though, especially in shipping to the United States.)
2.  Downton Abbey At Home:  It's a nice site to look at, but unfortunately, they do not ship to the United States.  Yet.  
3.  This Set Up On Home To Cottage:  Totally swoon-worthy is this setup at Home to Cottage.  It sets my mind on go mode to recreate it.  I love her site too, so give her some love.  Leave a comment and let her know that Shelly from South North South sent you!  Here's a kit similar to what she used.
4.  Crown City Hardware:  Here's another great one from CCH.  They offer a few fun items to add to the bell too.  
5.  Don't Forget The Pull Cords:  Cast Iron....... Tapestry...... 

4.  This Truck.

Because it's nice to see something more positive while on Interstate 5.  Not sure why it struck me as fun, but I feel as though this truck driver has his priorities in the right order. 

5.  This Bag.

Because threUP is on of the companies that's helping us become more minimal.  We've been following the tips here and here to help live with better stuff, not more stuff.  It's a slow-going process, but I have been seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Get your free bag here and clear out some of the clothing taking up unnecessary space in your home.

A Few Extras:

1.  This Article From 1977.

Because it's interesting to know that some things never change when it comes to style.

2.  This Ice Cream.

Because most of the time it's only here for summer, so it was nice to see during these months.  Of course, it is the end of summer, but still, a bowl of this is great on a rainy day.

3.  This Thought On Food.

Because it's a simple reminder that we should take the time with food and appreciate what it has to offer us in the long run.

What's new at The Peppermint Bee?

Embroidered Strawberry Bracelets.

These are cute and also a reminder of the summer season past.  They are stretch chevron with an embroidered strawberry adorned for a cute flair.  They are listed for $3 and super fun to wear!  You can purchase one from the shop page here.

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