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Oh, man!  What a crazy week.  Of course, I feel like I say that to every end of a week, but this one was quite exhausting.  We are looking forward to our trip to Arkansas for Halloween, but there's so much to do before we go, that I am going to need at least a day's worth of a nap once we get there.  Ha!  Anyway, here's the things that made this week awesome!

1.  This tent photo.

Because I came across this photo a few days ago while digging through the photos on my phone.  It was a tent from when we took a road trip to Enchanted Forest in Salem, Oregon.  What a fun trip! (Those photos coming soon)

2.  This sky

Because a lot of people are always skeptical about these jet lines in the sky, but I couldn't help but snap a photo of it over our house.  It just seemed like the perfect shot, to me.

3.  These birthday treats.


Because we had back to back birthdays to celebrate here.  Mine fell on August 28, Jeff's was on September 16, and Skylar had his on September 30.  It seemed we no more got past one, that we had another pop right up.  We've had such a busy last few weeks, so we decided to wait until Skylar's birthday to celebrate them all.  Jeff picked up a Hello Kitty ice cream cake for me and some wonderful earrings to replace some I lost a few years ago.  I was devastated when I found out I lost one of the ones from years ago, and Jeff's been on a hunt to replace them ever since.  I was so happy he found an exact replacement that I didn't ask where he found them.  I have been wearing them every day since!  

We went out to dinner for all of our birthdays and had the best hamburgers!

Skylar got some Jurassic World Dinosaurs, a Lego set to put together, and some Fruit Roll ups.  He is also getting a new bicycle.  We haven't had the time to go to the bike shop in Corvallis lately, but we are going to take a trip over when we return from our Arkansas trip.  It is time he got a good bicycle to ride with us.  He is growing so fast!  He turned 12 this year and I am still in denial about it all.  

My mom (Arkansas Grandma) sent us all a card with some "extra" cash in it and Skylar and Jeff received a card from the Jeff's mom (Oregon Grandma) here with a nice hello and happy birthday.  It was fun celebrating all the birthdays together.  

(We also got a cool package from my brother in Arkansas.  He sent some birthday gifts for Skylar and the perfect Halloween wreath for our door.  Of course, anyone that isn't a fan of The Walking Dead won't get it, but we loved it!)

4.  These leggings.

Because I've been wearing them quite frequently lately and at first, I didn't like the way they looked on me.  Over time though, I have grown to enjoy the way I look in them and accept my body for the way it is.  Mainly because, I can do more things now than I could a year ago.  I am getting stronger and I can see the changes.  I am enjoying my yoga journey so much and teaching it is really a treat.

5.  This foggy morning.

Because it's getting colder here in the valley and the morning are foggy.  Not sure I am okay with summer being gone, but I enjoy fall, but not really looking forward to the rain that comes with the season changes here.  I tend to take it as it comes year after year.  Some years are better than others, so fingers crossed this year will be "bearable."

A few extras:

1.  Free Halloween Tote.

If you haven't tried Honest Company, now is a great chance.  We've been using it since the beginning of the year and we love it so far.  Right now, you can get a free Halloween tote just for trying it out.  Give it a go for a month!  See how you like it!

2.  A New Article From Examiner.

There's a new article up at Examiner, written by me.  It's about the fall activities to enjoy in Oregon right now.  Head over and take a peek.

• New Item In The Shop

Have you checked out the new Rustic Stars in the Peppermint Bee Shop?
You can get a medium star and a small star for $5.  These are made from Oregon twigs of Oak, Redwood, or Hickory and come ready to display.  They are great for a rustic wedding, or outdoor party.  Order in bulk, or just order a few.  While you're there, check out the other items up for sale at the shop too.

• The President's Visit To Oregon.

On Friday, at about 2:30 p.m. PT, President Obama boarded Air Force One and headed to Seattle.  He came to Oregon to visit with the families of those that lost their lives to a gunman on October 1, 2015, UCC/Snyder Hall in Roseburg, Oregon.  

We live about 30 minutes north of Eugene, Oregon, where Air Force One landed, and took the quick drive down to watch it take off.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to get a good view of President Obama boarding the plane, but we did get some great shots of the aircraft, his motorcade and the motorcade being loaded on the C-17, Marine One helicopter, and the three Osprey half-copters.  It was quite an amazing thing to watch, and Skylar being as young as he is, it was great for him to watch, as well.  I hate that the president had to visit Oregon under these horrible circumstances, but still a great thing to watch.  He is supposedly staying in Seattle for the ninth and will head back to Washington sometime today (Saturday). 
(If you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen this wonderful picture of Air Force One.)

After we watched the Presidential motorcade and planes leave the airport, we went to eat at a pretty neat restaurant.  It was called Buddy's Diner-Nowhere Finer and inside reminded me of a diner from the 50s.  We had the best hamburger and even talked to the waitress about the President's visit.  She said that she was surprised to see so many people come into the diner that watched him fly in and fly out.  She was bummed that President Obama didn't come in for a milkshake though.  

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