Fall must-haves

Well, the fall season is upon us and with that comes some seasonal changes.  One of our major changes comes that cleanup of the gardens and the yard, as well as a good cleaning of the inside of our house.  I enjoy the summer, when the yard is in full bloom, but there's just something good about cleaning up and almost "shutting down" the yard too.  Here are the fall must-haves that could help your fall cleanup go a bit better than the year before.

Two essentials for the fall cleanup is definitely a rake (a good one) and a pair of snips to cut dead flowers and twigs.  Remember, don't prune your roses in the fall!  And fall is a great time to mulch your flowerbeds and other areas too.

Inside home cleaning is a necessity as well.  I always use the fall to replace our toilet brush.  We also have a lot of non-carpeted floors, so a duster is needed.  The two above are my favorites so far.
My favorite cleaners to use currently are ones from The Honest Company.


Bosmere V181 Haws Indoor 2-Pint/1-Liter Watering Can with Rose and Gift Box, Copper

Bring outdoor plants inside for the winter and don't forget to use a watering can that can actually water without making a mess on your newly cleaned floors.

Be sure to winterize your summer yard furniture and bring out your winter chairs.  Here in Oregon we have some plastic chairs we got when an old salon went out of business and we leave them out all year.  Out summer teak and wicker however, goes right up into storage for the following year.  I'll update our yard once it's winter-ready in my series section Our Garden Currently.

Last two items for fall cleanup should be a notebook and some good, quality pencils.  Fall is always a great time to start writing down and planning your winter wishes, or spring gardening ideas.  I have about three of these in hand each season to write down Christmas gift ideas, DIY projects to try, and also a map of rearranging the furniture, or garden planting.  It's always fun to look back in the books and see what the plans were a few years ago too.  

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