Road Trip: A quick trip to Portland, Oregon

Sometimes we have no rhyme or reason to just jump in the car and take off somewhere at the drop of a hat.  I like to plan things, but sometimes an impromptu road trip helps break up the monotony of the week.  That's exactly what we did this week.  Just jumped n the car and drove up to Portland to go out to eat and just drove back.  It was a lovely day too.  The sky never looked so blue.

Ever wondered what the West Hills looks like in Portland, Oregon?  Well, there's a quick glance before we hit the tunnel.

You know, the West Hills?  From the Everclear song, "I Will Buy You A New Life."
At 1:20 he says, "I will buy you that new house, way up in the West Hills."

If you're interested in these homes and their prices, start HERE!

Sometimes road trips are well worth the time.

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