Five simple things

Hello.  Happy Saturday!  Hope your week was great!  Here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  These Veggies.

Because they came straight out of our organic garden and were delicious!

2.  This Cookie.

Because it was baked in a cast iron skillet and was perfect just the way it is.

3.  These Clouds.

Because it was a storm coming and I was hoping it brought thunder, but it just brought rain and some wind.  Maybe next time. 

4.  This Flower.

Because it kind of marked the end of summer for us here in the Valley.  

5.  This Yard.

Because I did a little experiment this past summer by running the water sprinkler every day for an hour on the grass.  It didn't seem to go brown, but the water bill was a little bit out of control.  I think next year, I will let the grass go brown.  

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