Five simple things

It's another Saturday and boy am I glad it's the weekend!  It's been a crazy week, more crazy than normal.  So glad there is nothing planned so we can relax and actually breathe.  Skylar and I plan on working in the garden a little and Jeff has a few honey-do chores planned, so it will be a good "catch up on everything" weekend.  But for now, here are the things that made my past week awesome!

1.  This Clock Tower View

Because it was perfect timing to capture the moment. (Benton County Courthouse)

2.  These Window Flowers
Because they were perfect for the time they were there.

3.  This New Offering
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Because it makes me excited!  (Click the image above to learn more)

5.  This little hummingbird

Because he's been hanging out a lot lately and is very friendly, and curious.

5.  This Trip
Because it was Fourth of July and it was a BLAST!  


• This Star.

Because this happened back in June (when I took the photo with my phone) and I didn't even talk about it.  It's the "Star of Bethlehem" and it's the only time that Jupiter and Venus will be lined up to form one visible star.  

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