A season of baseball

We wrapped up our season of baseball for the year.  Skylar's team did great, but unfortunately no games were won.  This team was sort of a throw-away team with no coach at the beginning of the season and thanks to Jeff stepping up to coach, the boys were able to play.  The team was made up of a lot of kids that were either, fresh to baseball, or had taken a few years off from playing (Skylar).  The improvement of the players throughout the season was awesome to see!

Our season was full of a lot of great things.  Kids coming into baseball and falling in love with the sport, shy kids coming out of their element and making new friends, an Arkansas family surprise, and Skylar diving deeper into his game and getting better with batting.  We also found out this season, from Skylar hitting, that he needed glasses.  It was a baseball season to remember!

Jeff hitting to the outfield.

Skylar played third base this season and was a champ at scooping up grounders.

Team encouragement, even at practice, was always a plus!

Great group of boys! We hope to see them all next spring!

We wrapped up the end of the baseball year with a bowling party for the boys, courtesy of the Lebanon Boys and Girls Club.  It was a great way to end the season!

You can follow our baseball season on Jeff's coaching blog here.
We can't wait until next season!  

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