Five simple things

The summer is blazing hot here in the Valley and we are loving the pool time we've spent in the backyard.  Wildfires are bit out of hand here at times, but they seem to get under control as fast as they break out.  Hopefully some rain will head out way soon.  Here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  This Strawberry.

Because it was grown organically and grown right in my own backyard.

2.  This Snake.

Because Skylar found it and thought it was pretty darn cool.  It was a garter snake.

3.  This Pool.

Because we have had so much fun in it the last few days.  All three of us have had a chance to swim in it and enjoy the cool water.

4.  This Rain Shower.

Because it came all of a sudden and Meia and I enjoyed hearing it fall and also hearing some thunder in the distance.  I miss thunderstorms here in the Valley.  I used to hear them a lot when we lived in Arkansas and it's one of the rare occurrences that happen here and I welcome them.

5.  This Summer Flower.

Because Skylar brought it to me and even though some people think of them as weeds, I enjoy getting them from my boy.  They are English daisies (Bellis perennis).

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