Five simple things

Six days until my birthday and I am thrilled to celebrate it this year.  I keep counting down the days until and I feel like a little kid.  Ha!  Before though, here are the things that made my week awesome!

1.  These Popsicles.

Because Skylar begged for them and I finally gave in.  Sometimes a treat isn't bad.

2.  This Ice Cream.

Because it was a nice little treat after shopping.

3.  This Chair.

Because when we are in Corvallis, we like to drive by it and use our imagination on what it would be like to sit in it as a giant.

4.  This Kid.

Because he passed his 5th grade test and is ready for summer now!  He is going to rock the 6th grade!

5.  These Moments.

Because I love my boys!  I enjoy the Father/Son moments the best.

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